Coats For Cleaning Outreach

Coats for Cleaning
Coats for Cleaning

For the months of November and December(2014), Pro Clean will be offering a discount of $10.00 for every coat donated, to use towards your carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, furniture or upholstery cleaning, water damage service, or mold cleanup service.
You may donate up to 5 coats per service call.
Coats will be picked up by your cleaning technician, at time of service, and will be donated weekly, to various local shelters.
Please help keep St Louis warm, and save yourself some money while doing it.

Time To Winterize Your Home!

Our St Louis & St Charles winter weather is here!
Here are some tips to help you save some energy, as well as prepare your home for the winter weather:

-Use foam pipe wrap on your hot water supply lines, to hold in heat during the cold weather.
-Use foam pipe wrap on both hot and cold supply lines that are near the perimeter of your home, to help prevent those pipes from freezing and bursting, during the severely cold days and nights coming soon.
-Consider purchasing a hot water heater blanket wrap and installing it, to hold the temperature of water in your water heater.
-Use 6 mill(or heavier) clear plastic on basement windows, or other windows in your home, that may not get used. This will help reduce the draft at those locations, but will allow sunlight to radiate through.
-Disconnect exterior garden hoses, and close shut-off valves to the spigots. Many pipe freezes occur at exterior hose spigots.
-If you will be traveling during the colder time of winter, consider having your water systems winterized for the duration of your trip, especially if you will be gone for an extended time. Alternatively, have someone check-in on your home twice a day, to insure that your heating system is functioning properly. Many of the water damage service calls we receive, occurred while a client was out of town for an extended period of time.
-Consider installing new insulation in your attic. Often times, you can recover what you spend on insulating your attic in as little as 5 years.
-Don’t forget about your sump pump. Fast snow melts can increase the amount of water headed towards your sump pump. Make sure it is running properly all year round, to avoid costly water damage insurance claims, or possibly out-of-pocket water damage claims, if you’re not covered.

Following these tips can help you save money, both on your heating costs, as well as possibly help prevent costly repairs from water damage, caused by winter weather.

If you do happen to have water damage in your home, we are available 24/7 for emergency services. We work for you, not the insurance company, to make certain you receive everything you are entitled to.

Back To School Carpet Cleaning Specials

You successfully got through the summer with the kids, and now it’s time for you to get them back to school, and get your home back to normal again.

Pro Clean is here to help you get your carpet and upholstery looking and smelling fresh again.

Pro Clean is offering a back to school carpet cleaning special for $185, for the months of August and September.. This offer includes 3 areas(up to 200 square feet) and one set of stairs cleaned. If you don’t have stairs in need of cleaning, Pro Clean will substitute the stairs for an extra room.

Pro Clean is also offering a back to school special on upholstery cleaning. For the months of August and September, when you have Pro Clean clean your upholstery, we will apply ScotchGard at no charge. This is a value of up to $35 per piece cleaned.

Call, message, or email Pro Clean for scheduling, while this offer is still going. Must mention “back-to-school” special when scheduling service, to receive specials.

Valentine’s Day LOVE-seat Furniture Cleaning Special

Throughout the month of February, Pro Clean will be offering a free LOVE-seat cleaning, if you have us clean at least 4 areas, or have four pieces of furniture cleaned. Just mention this ad when scheduling your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning for the month of February. Please feel free to share this Valentine’s Day deal with friends, family and co-workers.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special

It’s that time again! Time to clean the chocolate from your carpeting and get ScotchGard reapplied to make way for the cranberry sauce that will be likely be spilled on that new white carpet.

Pro Clean is offering our 1 year spot & spill warranty protection for your carpeting, once again.

Have Pro Clean deep clean your carpeting & reapply ScotchGard protection and you will receive a free, one year warranty that covers any spills or spots that may occur from now, until next holiday season.

Please call or email us for details and to schedule your cleaning and protection, while there is still time.

Happy Halloween!

Removing Pet Urine Odor and Stains From Carpet

Pet urine in your carpet can be the most difficult type of stain to remove.

When urine is introduced to your flooring, it will generally penetrate not only the carpet, but also the carpet pad and sub-floor. Since the urine travels down through the carpet, pad & sub-floor, an effective treatment will have to replicate the path of the pet urine.

For this home remedy, you will need 1 quart of warm water, mixed with 1/2 cup of white vinegar, as well as a wet/dry vacuum and a box fan.

  1. Blot up any remaining urine with a soft, clean, white terry cloth.
  2. Mix water/vinegar cleaning solution in a small bucket.
  3. Test mixture in an inconspicuous area of the carpet for colorfastness, to determine if carpet type can be damaged by mixture(a closet works best).
  4. If mixture does not affect tested area, proceed by saturating soiled area with vinegar/water mixture.
  5. Allow mixture to dwell on area for 5 minutes.
  6. Extract mixture using wet/dry vac, until the majority of dampness has been eliminated.
  7. Accelerate the drying time of carpet by placing a box fan at area until spot has dried fully.

If stain and odor have not been eliminated, it may be time to call an IICRC certified carpet cleaner to inspect and treat the impacted area.


Visit for more tips to keep your floors looking great for years to come.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Do you own a home built in the early 20th century that has beautiful, unique terrazzo floors?

Did you know those floors can be restored to like new condition?

Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, glass or other aggregates embedded in tinted cement, ground smooth and polished to a silky sheen. In the 15th century, mosaic artisans in Northern Italy swept waste marble chips out onto their terraces, terrazzi, and smoothed the surface simply by walking over it. When workers learned to press the chips into a more permanent clay base, then grind and polish them with heavy stones, terrazzo caught on. Michelangelo used it in St. Peter’s Basilica. George Washington strode over it in his cherished Mount Vernon. In the 1950s, Richard Neutra and other modernist architects specified terrazzo in their designs, and by the ’60s, it covered floors in developer houses across the Southeast and Southwest. But as installation costs rose, terrazzo once again became a relatively pricey option at approx. $10 or more a square foot for custom-built houses.

Restore the beauty of this unique flooring by having Pro Clean clean and polish your terrazzo flooring, rather than remove or cover such a timepiece in the history of America.


Time to clean your mattress

How often do you wash your clothes? Pillow cases & sheets? Then why haven’t you cleaned your mattress recently? You spend 8 hours a night (if you’re lucky) sleeping on that mattress. What do you think is embedded in it? At minimum, you should vacuum your mattress monthly to remove dead skin cells, dust, dirt and dust mites as well as their eggs and feces. Beyond that, have Pro Clean come out and professionally clean your mattress to remove all the contaminants keeping you awake at night.

 Sleep well!

What product to use on your little accidents

So you had a spill on your new carpet. Run to the cabinet and grab whatever over-the-counter product you happen to have? If you do, you just might void your manufacturers warranty. Most over-the-counter products are NOT CRI approved.

Here is a direct link to Mohawks website regarding maintenance of your carpet…

So, what to do?

You can go store to store trying to find a CRI approved product, call a flooring retailer and purchase a bottle of the manufacturers spot remover that has been further marked up, or you can call Pro Clean and we will bring a bottle to your home for free, if you live in the greater St Louis area.

Keep in mind, pet stains require the same type of CRI approved product. The “specialized” products that the pet stores are likely not CRI approved. You may also call Pro Clean for a free bottle of CRI approved pet spotter and we will deliver for free.

Make sure you research your floors warranty or you could be left with a damaged floor that is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

The importance of “walk-off” mats

Want to reduce the amount of soil brought in to your office?                                                Want to save money by cleaning your commercial carpet less often?

Here is why “walk-off” mats are so important for your place of business or even your home.


Floor mats, also called soil control mats and walk-off mats, are removable carpet pieces designed to trap soil and to be cleaned (or replaced) more often than the main carpeted areas.

As shown by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), 80% of the soil brought into a building can be trapped within the first 12 to 15 feet after stepping onto a carpeted surface. To be effective, soil control mats should allow room for at least six footsteps, about 18-20 feet of walking space, and should be placed at all entryways and major transition areas. Unfortunately, most floor mats are an inadequate 2-9 feet!

Walk-off mats should be cleaned frequently. Once a walk-off mat becomes filled with soil, the soil will then transfer to the soles of shoes and spread throughout the facility.

A good walk-off mat performs these three tasks:

  1. Removes soil from the shoe.
  2. Absorbs large amounts of dirt, slowing the rate of transfer onto carpet surfaces.
  3. Absorbs excess moisture from wet shoes, thereby reducing soiling on the interior carpet.
  4. Absorbs salts from lots & drives in the winter and oils from lots & drives all year long.

The correct length of entry mats can help you keep your flooring investment looking great, paired with routine cleaning by an IICRC Certified company. Pay for it now, or pay for it later.