Here are the reasons why Pro Clean is different from “value” carpet cleaners and what to expect when using us…

1) Days prior to cleaning

A thorough pre-inspection of carpet including…

  • fiber testing to identify what type of carpet is installed, therefore letting Pro Clean what cleaning agents will maximize cleaning results
  • measurement of all areas to be cleaned
  • survey of any pets or children that may be home while carpet cleaning is performed
  • walk through of carpeted with homeowner(s) to identify …any staining that may require special treatment, any repairs that need to be address as well as any crushing, shading, matting or tip blooming that may be occurring
  • identification of any pet staining or odors that may need to be addressed
  • a detailed explanation of the entire carpet cleaning process from start to finish
  • a guaranteed written proposal that will not change upon cleaning date scheduled
  • a remider email detailing what to expect on day of cleaning

2) Day of cleaning

  • an “on the way” call to homeowner reminding you of our scheduled appointment
  • friendly, uniformed technichians wearing pictured name tags arriving on time
  • permission from technicians to park at ideal location of your home to impact your day as little as possible
  • protective mats placed at entry of your home to protect your hard surfaces while techs carry cleaning equipment into your home
  • wall protectors installed prior to start of cleaning to protect your walls & trim while technicians begin the carpet cleaning process
  • door gaurd installed at entry location, preventing as much cold/hot air exchange within your home, keeping your hvac system from running longer than needed, saving you energy costs
  • final conversation with technicians about all areas to reiderate any concerns on their work order and check to see if any new concerns have arisen since time of pre-inspection
  • all areas vacuumed by technician using state of the art hepa backpack vacuums to remove dry soil
  • all furniture that is to be moved carefully placed away from cleaning areas during process or blocked and moved throughout process
  • technicians now place shoe covers on their feet to minimize any re-soiling of carpet and to protect other areas
  • specific carpet type pre-treatment applied to all areas
  • pre-treatment is allowed to dwell, according to type, before cleaning begins
  • hot water extraction begins using rotary cleaning wand specific to type of carpet and soil condition
  • furniture re-location and blocking after area is completely cleaning
  • carpet drying equiptment is placed in cleaned area to accelerate drying time while technician moves on to the next area
  • once carpeted areas are all cleaned, technicians do a final walk-through with homeowner, making sure all concerns are addressed and homeowner is more than satisfied with carpet cleaning
  • upon satisfaction of homeowner, technicians will remove cleaning equipment, waiting until all carpet cleaning equipment is removed before protective equipment is removed from home, lead technician goes over proposal with homeowner, offering all payment options
  • a “care pack” is given to homeowner, containing free carpet spotting kit, free coupons, free carpet care literature as well as business cards

3) The day after cleaning

  • a follow up call will be made to homeowner to insure satisfaction and address any questions or concerns, also a follow up email is sent for homeowner to review Pro Clean without the pressure of speaking directly to an employee of Pro Clean.

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