When you purchase 3M Scotchgard™ protection in any installed carpeted area, you are protected for an entire year for clean-up of any accidental oil or water based food or beverage spill. If a spot of this type cannot be removed by applying the complimentary Pro Clean Spot Out cleaner provided to you on your last service visit, Pro Clean will send a certified technician to clean the spot for you. If the Pro Clean technician cannot remove the spot for any reason, Pro Clean will refund the price paid for protection treatment in that area. (Please note this will nullify the warranty in that area.) We have an extremely high success rate of removing spills in all carpet areas protected by 3M Scotchgard™.

Exclusions: This warranty DOES NOT cover:

• Pet stains
• Urine, feces or vomit stains
• Upholstery, draperies, or fabrics
• Carpets used for rental or commercial purposes
• Pre-existing stains or general soiling
• Substances which alter or destroy carpet dyes such as wine, bleaches, plant fertilizers, acnemedications, bodily fluids, soil filtration, etc.
• Carpets cleaned by companies other than Pro Clean
• Any carpet not installed, including area and accent rugs
• Stains covered by other warranties

Transfer of Warranty: Pro Clean allows a transfer of warranty upon the following conditions:

• New property owner must call and register information with Pro Clean within 30 days oftransfer of ownership of property under warranty
• New property owner must agree to all terms of Accidental Food and Beverage Spill Warranty