Mold can damage more than just your home. Prevent further damage to your property and potential health risks to your family with our professional Missouri mold remediation and removal service experts. If mold is found, we have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation and remediate it quickly & correctly. We remove, remediate and cleanup mold in businesses homes industrial and commercial properties all across the St. Louis region.

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St. Louis mold cleanup and remediation specialists. Experienced and educated mold Cleanup remediation in St. Louis & St. Charles Missouri. The Mold Cleanup teams at Mold Cleanup St. Louis take mold cleanup projects in the St. Louis and St. Charles area very seriously! We are experts when it comes to mold cleanup in your St. Louis or St. Charles home or office. We have a proven track record of removing mold including black mold from several local St. Louis and St. Charles area homes and businesses. There are many different procedures to clean mold, remove mold, and kill mold. Through years of experience we have tailored our Mold Cleanup procedures and invested in state of the art Mold Cleanup equipment to ensure your mold cleanup project is performed successfully and with minimal disruption to your St. Louis, St. Charles or surrounding area home, business and life!


Have you found mold or black mold in your home or business? Are you panicked or worried about the health effects that the mold you found could possibly cause to you, your co-workers or your family? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We can have a mold cleanup technician on site to quarantine that nasty black mold you just found and keep you, your co-workers or your family safefrom the possible health effects of mold. Once under quarantine we will begin our proven mold free, mold cleanup process. Call us now or click on the comment button on this page to get the mold cleanup process started today!

Mold, How Mold Can Affect My Health?

Mold produce spores, which are small enough to travel through the air and into your lungs. You can also be exposed to mold through skin contact. The most common health problem from mold is allergy symptoms, including: Runny nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sneezing, and in more severe cases death. Wheezing is a serious symptom of mold exposure and may mean asthma, and should be evaluated by a doctor.

Although some mold can produce toxins under certain conditions, research so far has not shown what levels can clearly cause serious health effects from indoor air exposure. If you think you have symptoms related to mold exposure, you should see your doctor, then the call the professionals at Pro Clean to have it tested TODAY.

Mold Remediation – What is it?

Mold remediation involves the clean up and removal of mold spores by addressing the damage and health risks associated with mold. Cleaning with bleach and water will not kill mold. Moldy material must be removed and the damaged area repaired. Mold remediation is best left to a professional trained to handle hazardous material and eliminate the spread of mold spores and contamination to other areas.


Many St. Louis and St. Charles home and business owners have had an experience with black mold and mildew at some point due to the high humidity located here in Missouri. Mold and mildew are both fungi – simple microscopic organisms that thrive anywhere there is a moist environment. St. Louis, St. Charles and the surrounding areas are a prime environment for black mold and mildew growth. Black mold and mildew is a necessary part of the environment; without them, leaves would not decay and aspects of soil enrichment could not take place. It is mold and mildew’s ability to destroy organic materials; however, that makes black mold a problem for people – in our homes and in our bodies.

Mildew (mold in early stage) and black mold grow on wood products, walls, ceilings, ceiling tiles, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, drywall, fabric, plants, foods, insulation, decaying leaves and other organic materials.

Black Mold growths, or colonies, can start to grow on a St. Louis or St. Charles area wall, ceiling or damp surface within 24 to 48 hours after water damage occurs. Black mold cleanup remediation cannot be successful until building materials such as home and business walls or floors are completely dry. Black mold reproduces by emitting mold spores – tiny, lightweight black mold “seeds”- that travel through the air. Black mold digests organic materials such as walls and floors, eventually destroying the walls and floors or other building materials they grow on. Black mold will continue to spread in order to destroy adjacent organic materials such as home and business walls and floors. In addition to the damage black mold can cause in your St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding area home or business, black mold can also cause mild to severe health problems.

If you suspect a problem with black mold in your St. Louis, St. Charles or surrounding area home or business feel free to contact us at 636-233-6826. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to answer any questions in regards to mold cleanup, black mold, or mold remediation.

Mold Testing
Mold testing is performed to determine what gene of mold is present to properly treat and remove it. Every gene of mold has a specific way to kill it. Following remediation, we re-test the air quality to ensure the cleanup has been successful.

Mold Containment 
The source of the mold problem is addressed and the affected area is closed off to avoid contaminating the rest of your home with mold spores stirred up during the mold removal process. HEPA filters will be used to clean the air of mold spores and other particles.

Mold Removal
Since mold is a living organism and deeply ingrains itself into materials to survive, it is best to dispose of anything porous. The safest and most effective way to ensure mold doesn’t return is to remove mold affected material. Nonporous materials can be cleaned with antimicrobial cleaners and sealants may be used to make treated areas more resistant to water and mold.

Mold Damage Repair
Reconstruction will begin after all mold-contaminated materials are removed. Clean, mold-free materials will replace what was previously contaminated.

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We are a locally and family owned mold removal and cleanup company servicing the O’Fallon, MO and surrounding areas (St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Lake Saint Louis, Ladue, Frontenac, Clayton, Wildwood). We strive to exceed clients expectations with all of our services. We a strong background in cleaning services as well as other home services. We understand how it is to have someone new working in your home for the first time. Our friendly staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable during our visit.

Remember mold growth in buildings can lead to a variety of health problems. Various practices can be followed to mitigate mold issues in buildings, the most important of which is to reduce moisture levels that can facilitate mold growth. Removal of affected materials after the source of moisture has been reduced and/or eliminated may be necessary for remediation.

Infants may develop respiratory symptoms as a result of exposure to a specific type of fungal mold, called Penicillium. Infants will begin to show respiratory problems if they have a persistent cough and/or wheeze. The number of days that a child will suffer from respiratory symptoms during their first year of life increases by an average of 20% every time the level of Pencicillium increases. The levels are deemed no mold to low level, from low to intermediate, from intermediate to high.

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