For those of you who have made the investment of replacing carpet in your home, make sure you are aware of the warranty of the product.

Here is a quote directly from Mohawk Flooring website page containing carpet warranty info…

  • “Some stains cannot be removed because they permanently alter the carpet’s color. These stains include acid toilet bowl cleaners, acne medication, alkaline drain cleaners, chlorinated bleaches, hair dyes, iodine, insecticides, mustard with turmeric and plant fertilizers. For these types of stains, call a professional. In order to maintain and protect your warranty coverage under the terms of these warranties, you must do the following: A minimum of one professional cleaning every 18 months is required.”

A minimum of one PROFESSIONAL CLEANING every 18 months is required. This means if you have ANY type of defect such as carpet shading, discoloration, pre-mature wear, staining, etc, you must provide documentation that your carpets have been cleaned at least ever 18 months professionally. This does not mean you cannot use a Rug Doctor or a retail type machine. In many cases, these types of machines will do more harm that good causing over-wetting, carpet/pad damage, soap residue, etc.

Generally, the retailer you purchase your carpet from will not inform you of this requirement and in some cases will not supply you with your warranty information. All of the carpet manufacturers require such cleanings, regardless of brand.

Protect your investment by having your carpets cleaned by a Clean Trust Certified Firm(formally IICRC).

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Carpet Manufacturers Carpet Cleaning-Fine Print