Have you called around trying to get a quote for carpet cleaning and found that pricing is “all over the board”?

Here are a few things to understand about carpet cleaners pricing and what to look for.

  •  Does the quoted price include pre-vacuuming? The majority of soil in your carpet is dry soil. Pre-vacuuming with an industrial grade vacuum will remove the majority of this soil, therefore eliminating the soil from just being “pushed down” into carpet & pad.
  • Is pre-treatment included in this quoted price? If cleaning carpets with water only was effective, there wouldn’t be a need for carpet cleaning equipment. To be effective, you must have some type of pre-treatment solution, paired with time, hot temperatures and some type of agitation.
  • How long will it take for you carpets to dry using the equipment and knowledge they have? Over-wetting carpets causes carpet backing de-lamination, pad damage, mold and wicking(stains returning not long after the cleaning).
  • Are there pet stains and how will they be addressed? Urine will travel from carpet to pad and down to sub-floor. Any “topical” treatment is not going to resolve a pet stain problem. Urine must be addressed in the same manner as it made entry into the floor surface.
  • Is the company or individual going to further dry and groom the carpet helping the carpet maintain its original shape?
  • Will the process of moving furniture be included in cost?
  • Is the company or individual using CRI approved products? Some carpet manufacturers may void your carpet warranty if any type of product is used other than a CRI approved product.
  • Is the company Clean Trust Certified(IICRC)? If not, where has he/she gotten the education to clean carpets?
  • Is the company or individual insured? If there is an accident on your property, who will be responsible?
  • Is there a guarantee with the work if you are not satisfied?
  • Is the company or individuals cleaning based upon proper techniques or time? Many companies cleaning is based on quantity, not quality. Flooring must be cleaned in a determined amount of time, rather than cleaned properly.

Do your research, ask for references and ask questions before making a decision. When choosing a company to clean your carpets, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”  with regards to service. Check with the BBB, CRI, IICRC and local search engines reviews.




Carpet cleaners pricing