So you had a spill on your new carpet. Run to the cabinet and grab whatever over-the-counter product you happen to have? If you do, you just might void your manufacturers warranty. Most over-the-counter products are NOT CRI approved.

Here is a direct link to Mohawks website regarding maintenance of your carpet…

So, what to do?

You can go store to store trying to find a CRI approved product, call a flooring retailer and purchase a bottle of the manufacturers spot remover that has been further marked up, or you can call Pro Clean and we will bring a bottle to your home for free, if you live in the greater St Louis area.

Keep in mind, pet stains require the same type of CRI approved product. The “specialized” products that the pet stores are likely not CRI approved. You may also call Pro Clean for a free bottle of CRI approved pet spotter and we will deliver for free.

Make sure you research your floors warranty or you could be left with a damaged floor that is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

What product to use on your little accidents